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Ayaguz river in East Kazakhstan region.

Travel information Ayaguz river in Kazakhstan.

Ayaguz is a river in the East Kazakhstan (for the most part) and Almaty (estuary) regions of Kazakhstan. Ayaguz is the northernmost of the 7 rivers that gave the name to the Semirechensk Territory.

Characteristic Ayaguz river.

The length is 492 km, the basin area is about 15,700 km². The banks and the bottom are covered with pebbles made of porphyry, slates, granite, etc. The left bank in the lower reaches is low and covered with a gland. Depth - no more than 3-3.5 meters. The river originates from the northern ridge of Tarbagatay and first flows through the mountains.

How to see Ayaguz river.

Below the city of Ayagoz flows through a semi-desert terrain. The river reaches the eastern part of Lake Balkhash. The average annual flow rate in the middle course is about 8.8 m³ / s, with suspensions of up to 0.8 kg / s.

Freeze-up is observed from December to March. Water is highly mineralized, contains sodium sulfates in an amount of 1.6-2 g / l in spring and up to 8 g / l in early autumn. It is mainly used for abstraction of drinking water in the city of Ayagoz and other settlements, as well as for irrigation of fields, for irrigation of suburban farms.