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Boszhira panorama number #6 in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Trips around Mangyshlak. Boszhira panorama #6.

Boszhira natural boundary and valley is located in the Mangistau region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Bosjir Valley is very beautiful and unique, here you can see fantastic landscapes created by nature. At night, the sky in this area is so starry that it is possible to watch it all night. Here you can see the incredible beauty of sunsets and sunrises. The steppe in the Boszhira area attracts with its splendor, cosmic landscapes and the incredible beauty of the nature of the area. We invite everyone to experience the beauty of the area, first visit the Becket Ata mosque and then the Boszhir valley. If you spend the night here in tents, the night sky leaves unforgettable sensations and wonderful experiences.