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Uluchur cave, the deepest cave in Kazakhstan.

Travel to the Uluchur plateau.

Speleological tours around the caves of Kazakhstan.

Uluchur Cave is considered the deepest and longest cave in Kazakhstan. Its dimensions and depth are really impressive, 260 meters deep, more than 1.5 kilometers long. The cave is located in the Uluzhur mountain range at an altitude of 2666 meters above sea level.

Uluchur cave - how to get there.

The cave, the mine is located in the Turkestan region, Tolebi district, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The cave is a part of the Uluchur mountain plateau and the Karzhantau mountain range, the Burguluk river valley.

Uluchur cave - information for tourists.

Descent into the cave must be carried out with experienced guides and all the necessary equipment to descend into the caves and stay underground. If you have experience in these earthen formations, do not descend alone, only descend with a team and have someone stay on top to establish communication. In the cave, it is necessary to behave very carefully, not to make noise and not create extreme situations, to do everything measuredly and slowly so as not to make a mistake.

Uluchur cave.