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Korean Theater in Almaty

The repertoire of Almaty theaters

Theatrical life of the southern capital of Almaty

The Korean Theater in Almaty was founded back in 1932 in the Soviet Union, in 1937, when Koreans moved from the Far East to Kazakhstan, the theater was also moved to the city of Almaty. At first, the theater was in the city of Kyzylorda, then in the city of Ushtobe and only after that it was moved to a permanent place of residence in the city of Almaty. In 1982, the Korean theater in Almaty was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and received the status of the state republican theater.

Korean Theaterhow to get there

The Korean Theater in Almaty is located at 70/1 Papanina Street. Phone numbers: +7(727) 384-82-78, +7(727) 384-15-27, +7(727) 384-82-76

Korean Theaterinformation

The theater employs: a drama troupe, soloists, vocalists, folklore and ethnographic group "Samulnori", a dance group, a quartet "Premium". Leading artists of the theater: Honored Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Alexander Moon, Rosa Lim, Maya Park, Zoya Kim, Benjamin Lee. The auditorium has 198 seats. The theater holds 50-70 performances a year, which are attended by up to 35,000 spectators.

Korean Theater of Almaty


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