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Arbat in Astana

Take a walk along Arbat pedestrian street in Astana

"Arbat" is a pedestrian street in the city of Astana, the street attracts musicians, artisans and artists from all over the city. People gather here in special places, stylized as a Kazakh yurt, and present their works. There is a monument to Khan Kenesary on the street. Arbat Street is in many cities of the world, people of a special subculture gather here, here you can always listen to the music of street musicians, admire paintings and buy souvenirs. Also here you will find handmade products by local craftsmen.

How to get there

Arbat is located in Astana, Kazakhstan. The street stretches along the right bank of the Ishim River (Yesil), in the central part of the city. The Arbat stretches from the embankment to Kenesary Street, not far from Republic Avenue.


On the Arbat in Astana you will see sculptures of the famous Beatles musical group in full growth, here you can take photos against the background of the legendary group. Fast food cafes, restaurants and shops are located on the street. Walking along the Arbat, you can get to the capital's central park on the way, where there is a lot of entertainment for children, it is always crowded and fun here. Here you will see the old town, the concert hall, the central department store, the Philharmonic hall, the Palace of schoolchildren. You can have a great time on the Arbat, take a walk with family and friends, it is crowded both in winter and in summer, especially in the evenings.

Arbat in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan


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