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National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the capital of Kazakhstan, in Astana. The museum was opened on July 2, 2014 by the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev after a six-year construction period. The National Museum together with the library, which was also recently opened, is designed to create a modern cultural center in Astana. The museum building covers an area of about 74,000 square meters and is divided into seven blocks, containing a total of 14 halls. It covers the history and culture of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present day. Of particular note is the Hall of Independence of Kazakhstan, as well as the Hall of Astana, dedicated to the history of Astana. The lobby is decorated with an impressive gilded eagle hovering next to a large map of the country. A lot of Bronze Age jewelry is on display in the Golden Hall.

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The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in Astana, next to the museum there is a fountain of Saka Warriors, the museum is located a short distance from the Palace of Peace and Harmony and the central mosque of the city.


The Ethnographic Hall presents exhibits dedicated to the nomadic culture of Kazakhstan. A significant collection includes gold jewelry from the ancient mounds of the Katonkaragai district. There is also a contemporary art hall, a research institute, a children's museum, a restoration workshop, various laboratories, a maintenance room, a scientific library, a conference room and a souvenir shop. The National Museum is equipped with modern electronic equipment and exhibition technologies. Visitors are offered multimedia tours with information in three languages.

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan also has a department of international relations. The main activities of this department are to strengthen the international presence in the field of contemporary art in Kazakhstan. The Department supports exchanges and cooperation between artists from Kazakhstan and international art communities around the world. There are also curatorial programs, exhibitions on special topics, organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures, as well as assistance in registering and issuing visas to foreign visitors. The staff of the National Museum also attend international conferences to talk about the diverse scientific and cultural activities of their country. Thanks to the very impressive exhibits, the museum is becoming a popular tourist attraction.

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana city


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