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Turkestan Water Tower

Tours from Almaty to Turkestan (pilgrimage tourism)Architecture of Turkestan

The water tower in the city of Turkestan, is an architectural landmark of the city, was built in the period from 1901-1905. The tower is two-tiered, the tower is still functioning and supplies the city with water. The tower is built of burnt brick, there is an octagon at the base of the tower, the tower is beautiful in itself. The technique by which it is built is also surprising and impressive, we must pay tribute to the masters who built and designed it. The windows on the tower are especially beautiful.

How to get there

The water tower is located in the city of Turkestan, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan, on Tauke Khan Street. GPS coordinates: 43°17'17"N 68°12'54"E

Water tower in Turkestan


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