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Sauyskandyk Petroglyphs

Rock carvings of the Kyzylorda regionExcursion to the Sauyskandyk petroglyphs

The Sauyskandyk petroglyphs were discovered 17 years ago during archaeological research led by the doctor of Historical Sciences, the famous archaeologist Madiyar Eleuov. Inscriptions carved on stone by our ancestors in the Sauskandyk gorge on the territory of the Shieli district and the Shieli Mountains were discovered here. The territory of the "Sauyskandyk petroglyph" was surveyed under the guidance of archaeologist Zeynolla Samashev.

The territory of the complex of historical and cultural monuments that have transmitted ancient landscapes is about 500 hectares. According to scientists, petroglyphs represent 8-10 thousand plots related to both the Stone and Bronze Ages, and to later periods. The Sauiskandyk petroglyphs are not inferior in historical significance to the famous Tamgaly-Tas petroglyphs.

How to get there

The Sauiskandyk petroglyphs are located in the Kyzylorda region, the bank of the Sauiskandyk River, Karatau Mountains, Kazakhstan.


Among the images carved on the rocks of Sauskandyk, traces of the worldview and religious beliefs of indigenous tribes have been preserved. The images in the field gallery, carved in stone, will lead to too ancient images of the connection between man and nature. In many cases, images with masks on their heads resembling an animal or bird and cattle skins reflect the peculiarities of the religious beliefs of the Bronze Age and some of their ritual aspects. The age of the images on the stone, according to scientists, dates back to the second millennium BC.

This complex of rock carvings has repeatedly been attacked by vandals and those who chip images for sale on the black market in private collections. For our part, we ask you to organize the protection of this object in order to preserve the cultural heritage of our ancestors for future generations.

Petroglyphs of Sauyskandyk, Kyzylorda region


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