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Kapasha Mosque

Pilgrimage to the mosques of MangystauExcursion to the Kapasha Mosque

Kapasha Mosque is an architectural monument, is the best architectural work of Mangystau, the mosque was built in 1928. During the construction of the mosque, carved stones of local origin were used, this is white sandstone. The mosque building consists of several rooms, the construction of the mosque, which began before the October Revolution, was not fully completed due to the policy of the Soviet government, and the roof was unfinished.

How to get there

Kapash Mosque is located in Mangistau region, valley (tract) Zhyngyldysaytpe, 20 kilometers from the village of Zharmysh.
GPS coordinates: 44°15'12"N 52°20'36"E

Information, history

In 1931, the builder of the Kosbai mosque left for Afghanistan, and the master Kapash, who built the mosque, was detained and shot in 1938. Later, the mosque house turned into a wool collection warehouse and eventually became completely abandoned. Since 1976, the mosque house was taken over by the state; in 2005, only its walls were restored, and the roof remained open due to lack of funds. In 1982, the mosque was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments and is under state protection.

The Kapash Mosque consists of three halls connected to each other, in the middle hall there is one column connected to the main room through three arched openings. The opening leads to the main study room. The place in the western wall of the mosque should be a place for classes with a teacher, the roof of the mosque was never built. In the late eighties, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan Uzbekali Zhanibekov visited Mangistau. He also visited the Kapash Mosque, where he greatly admired the invaluable skill of a simple folk craftsman and instructed the regional authorities to restore this monument. However, the work of the repair institution with the restoration of historical cultural heritage was organized to an unsatisfactory degree. Repairs and restorations were performed poorly.


Kapash-ata was an architect. At the beginning of the last century, Kapash ata was specially invited to build a school in the city of Fort Shevchenko "Blue School", one of the largest architectural monuments of the city. It is said that Kapash ata built more than forty buildings in Mangystau during his life. Another remarkable art of Kapash was the ability to make saddles for a horse. Another great art of Kapash was that he was a shoemaker. He sewed fur coats, and could make boots very quickly and beautifully. Kapash ata was also known in the country as a jeweler Kapash often made bracelets, rings, earrings, straps and much more, bringing new works of art to life. Kapash-ata was a jack of all trades and could do anything.

Kaapasha Mosque on Mangyshlak


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