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Altyn-Emel Park Tour 2 days

Nature reserves and natural parks of Almaty region

Jeep tour to Altyn-Emel, Ili River and Singing Dune

Altyn-Emel National Park is a nature park and nature reserve in Kazakhstan, located on the territory of the Altyn-Emel National Park in the Almaty region. You can go to the park for one day, you can also travel for two days to see and visit more natural attractions of the park and take your time. In 2003, eight wild Przewalski horses were brought to the reserve, and they are successfully breeding here. In 2007, the Bukhara deer was brought to the park in the river forests on the Ili River. If desired, you can watch the animals and take photos. The administration of the National Park is located in the small village of Basshi, to the north of the park. Here you can book guided tours to the Singing Dunes, the Aktau Mountains and the Katutau Mountains, etc. It is forbidden to enter the national park without a guide. There are several accommodation options in all price categories in the Altyn-Emel National Park itself. Free camping is allowed, but only accompanied by a guide from the park.
GPS coordinates of the park: 44°20'0"N 78°26'0"E

The route of the trip to the Altyn-Emel National Park:

Almaty – Kunaev city (Kapshagai) – Ili River - Shengeldy village – Saryozek village – Altyn-Emel pass 1890 meters above sea level – Baschi village – Altyn-Emel National Park – Singing Dune – Katu-Tau Mountains – Aktau Mountains – Almaty

  • Distance of the route: 759 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 2 days

Tour itinerary:


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