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Necropolis of Zhakud Ishan

Ancient necropolises of the Ulytau region

The necropolis of Zhakuda ishan is an ancient burial place, located next to the mosque of Zhakuda ishan in close proximity. It is a small building made of yellow brick in the steppe of Kazakhstan, next to it there are small graves lined with stones. The place is popular among pilgrims, it is not crowded here, to get here you need to use the services of a guide and vehicles.

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The necropolis of Zhakuda-ishan is located in the Ulytau region, in the west of the Karaganda region near the Teristbutak river, Ulytau district, near the village of Korgasyn.
GPS coordinates: N49°12'44" E66°26'58"


Zhakuda-ishan was a man who built a mosque in the Ulytau mountains, he was also a Sufi and a relative of the Prophet Muhammad. "Ishan" also means leader of the Sufi community. The mosque and the necropolis of Zhakuda-ishana are very beautiful, only the roof has not been preserved in the mosque, and the walls and the minaret are still standing. The necropolis is in a dilapidated state. The nature where these architectural objects are located is very beautiful, these are the Akzhar mountains, and the famous Ulytau region, which has now become very popular among travelers and pilgrims.

Necropolis and mosque of Zhakud Ishan, Ulytau, Karaganda region


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