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Akzhar tract (valley)

Natural attractions of the Ulytau region

Tour to the Akzhar tract from Ulytau

Akzhar-valley (tract), a little-known area of the Ulytau region, an incredibly beautiful valley, it is especially beautiful here in spring and early summer. “Red Land” or “Red Hills”, as the locals call this tract. The length of the tract is 20 kilometers, a country road leads to the tract. There is no infrastructure here, you will have to live in tents, you also need to stock up on water and food. The locals know about the tract and can even take you here for a small fee.

How to get there, visit

The Akzhar tract is located in the south of the Kostanay region, Ulytau district, 18 kilometers from the village of Mayatas, 30 kilometers from the village of Ekidin, 130 kilometers from the village of Ulytau.
GPS coordinates: N49°14'09" E66°14'23"

Journey to the Akzhar tract from the city of Zhezkazgan

The Akzhar tract is very beautiful, it consists of small hills of red multi-colored clay with lowlands and small elevations, the height of the Akzhar valley ranges from 250 meters to 324 meters above sea level. In the tract you will see all the colors of the rainbow from bright red to yellow and orange. The valley looks very impressive against the blue sky. There is no one in the Akzhar tract, it is very rare to meet local residents here. The locals can graze their livestock in the area and if they see you, they will definitely visit you, the locals are very friendly. There is almost no vegetation in the valley, small grass and shrubs, in some places small flowers are found, but this is only in spring, summer and in the second half of summer the area burns out from the scorching sun and high air temperature.

Akzhar tract (valley), Kostanay region, Ulytau


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