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Hairy stalk tulip (Tulipa Dasystemon)

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Hairy-stamen tulip (Tulipa Dasystemon) is one of the types of tulips that grows on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower is very beautiful, yellow, low, the stem is 10-15 cm long, belonging to the genus of tulips of the lily family. Flowering time, April, May, June. We invite you to Kazakhstan to take part in observing the flowering of tulips in Kazakhstan, this takes place in spring and early summer.

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The hairy-stamen tulip is found in the western and eastern Tien Shan and in the western Pamirs on rocky slopes rich in fertile soils and in subalpine steppes at an altitude of 2400 to 3600 meters above sea level.

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The hairy stamen tulip was first described by Eduard Regel in 1880 in the vicinity of the city of Verny (Almaty). The type of this tulip was transported to the city of St. Petersburg to the botanical garden of the city. The main distribution of tulips occurs in Kazakhstan, the Zailiysky Alatau, the mountain ranges of Ketmen, Terskey Alatau, and partly the Kyrgyz Range (Almaty and Zhambyl regions). This tulip is under protection in Kazakhstan, is listed in the Red Book, protected in the territories of the Almaty Reserve and the Ile-Alatu Natural Park.

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