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Bezsonov Glacier

Glaciers in the Kora Gorge in the Dzungarian Alatau -

A trip to the Kora Gorge in the Dzungarian Alatau -

Bezsonova Glacier is a mountain glacier located at an altitude of 3919 meters above sea level, part of the glacier is at an altitude of 2981 meters above sea level. The glacier belongs to the Kora River basin, the end of the Bezsonov glacier retreated by 880 meters from 1909 to 1972, and its area decreased by 0.5 square kilometers due to global warming. To the northeast of the Bezsonov Glacier is the Sapozhnikov Glacier with a length of 3.3 kilometers.

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The Bezsonov Glacier is located in the Eskeldinsky district of Almaty region, the upper reaches of the Kora Gorge in the Dzungarian Alatau ridge.
GPS coordinates: N44°53'05" E79°25'40"

Information -

Bezsonov Glacier is one of 1369 glaciers in the Dzungarian Alatau with a total area of 1000 square kilometers. About 42 cubic kilometers of water have been preserved in glaciers. Glaciers occupy a high-altitude belt from 3000 meters above sea level to the crest of the ridge 4000 - 4360 meters above sea level. Moraines cover from 4-5% to 10-20% of the glacier surface. The firn line on glaciers runs at an altitude of 3480 to 3840 meters above sea level, depending on the exposure and morphological type of glaciers. On the southern slopes, the firn line is 100 - 120 meters higher than on the northern ones, on valley glaciers it is 70 - 80 meters lower than on the karov ones. The main source of nutrition of the glaciers of the Dzungarian Alatau is precipitation, most of which falls in solid form in the accumulation area.

Bezsonov Glacier in Dzungarian Alatau, Almaty region


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