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Zhinishke village (Almaty region)

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Zhinishke is a village located in the mountainous area of the Almaty region, on the way to the famous Zhenishke plateau. The village is small and sparsely populated with no more than 300 people, 150 men and 150 women. The village is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, the foothill area is represented by hills smoothly passing into high mountains. From the village on the road you can climb to the upper reaches of the Zhenishke River, it is possible to move around the area by 4x4 jeeps.

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The village of Zhinishke is located in the Algabassky rural district, Kegensky district, Almaty region.
GPS coordinates 43°09'30"N 78°18'25"E

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The climate in the area of the village of Zhinishke is continental. Average temperature in January – 11 – 13 ° C, July +22 — +24 °C. the average annual precipitation is 350-400 mm, the main amount falls on the periods March-May and November-December. The wind rose is dominated by northeastern (34%) and northern (16%) winds. Stable snow cover is formed in the last decade of November and ends in the second decade of March.

Zhinishke village in Almaty region, Kegensky district


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