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Koylyk settlement (Antonovka)

Trip to the Koylyk settlement in the Almaty region -

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Koylyk is an ancient settlement (XI-XIII centuries), also known as Kayalyk settlement, located near the village of Koylyk. In ancient times, in the VIII-XIV centuries, it was the largest trade, craft and cultural center of the north-east of Semirechye, the residence of the Karluk Jabgu. The territory is surrounded by a fortress wall up to 4 m high. The building plan has an irregular rectangular shape. The length of the north-eastern wall is 1200 m, the south-western wall is 750 m. The city is adjacent to the foot of the most beautiful mountains.

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The Koylyk settlement is located in the Almaty region, on the bank of the Ashibulak River, near the village of Koylyk (Antonovka), 39 km from the city of Sarkand. GPS coordinates: N45°39'50" E80°15'36"

Information -

The city of Koylyk was known for its markets, and besides Muslims, Christians lived in it, who had their own church. This was announced by Wilhelm Rubruk, the ambassador of the French King Louis IX to the Mongol Khan Munk, who visited the city. In 1964, archaeological research was carried out on the settlement. Every year since 1998, excavations have been carried out here under the leadership of the Institute of Archaeology and archaeologist A. X. Margulan. During the excavations, Buddhist, Manichaean temples, objects of Muslim culture of the XII—XIV centuries were found: a cathedral mosque, a complex of mausoleums and an Orthodox church.

Koylyk settlement in Almaty region


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