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Shabanbai Bi Mausoleum

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The mausoleum of Shabanbai Bi (mazar) is an ancient mausoleum, is a sacred, sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Karaganda region. The mausoleum is dedicated to Shabanbai Bi Kalkamanuly, a local resident who lived here from 1753 to 1838 and during these years was a local ruler, a respected man. Locals claim that Shabanbai Bi was a modest and kind man, a fair judge.

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The mausoleum of Shabanbai Bi is located in Shetsky district, Karaganda region in Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 48°39'26"N 73°49'6"E

Information -

The mausoleum of Shabanbai Bi is a modern building made on the site of an older mausoleum. The mausoleum building has a rectangular shape with four towers at the corners and a separate entrance room in front of the mausoleum itself that connects to it. Inside you can see the remains of an ancient mausoleum, around which buildings are built. If desired, you can go to the mausoleum and read a prayer, the mausoleum is surrounded by a picturesque area of the Karaganda region, beautiful hills and low hills.

The village of Shabanbai Bi (Shylym), next to which is the mausoleum of Shabanbai Bi, which is also located in the Aktogay district of the Karaganda region, is named after Shabanbai Bi. It is believed that this village was the place where Shabanbai Bi lived and ruled. The village is located next to the Karatal River, 32 km from the village of Aktogay, the village is not large, only 1000 people live here, 500 men and 500 women.

Mausoleum of Shabanbai Bi (mazar) in Karaganda region


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