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Bulanty Complex (The Battle of Bulanty)

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The Bulanty Complex is dedicated to the victory of the Kazakh militia in the Battle of Bulanty against the Dzungarian invaders. This battle was one of the most epic and powerful battles in the confrontation between the Kazakh-Dzungar wars. Presumably the battle took place in 1728 in the Ulytau region in the Kara-Sayyr area. Now monuments and a stele have been erected at the site of the battle, perpetuating the memory of the batyrs.

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The Bulanty complex is located in the Ulytau region, 20 km from the city of Baikonur, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Battle of Bulanty took place after a long period of oppression of the people of Kazakhstan by the Dzungars. The Dzungars, who captured the eastern part of the Kazakh land and Zhetysu, up to the middle reaches of the Syr Darya, turned their army towards Ulytau. During this dangerous period, at the Ordabasinsky gathering, the main command was elected and a militia was created that united all the inhabitants of the Kazakh land. As a result, the Dzungars, who intended to penetrate the Ulytau region, were defeated by Kazakh troops in a battle in 1726. This was followed by the decisive Battle of Bulanty on a vast plain between the Kazakh militia and the regular Dzungar army in which the Dzungars were defeated. All the war dead were buried on the top of the mountain, where the monument to the Battle of Bulanty is now erected. After this event, the period of liberation of the Kazakh lands occupied by the Dzungars began.

The Bulanty complex is dedicated to the Battle of Bulanty in the Ulytau region


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