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Ayakkamyr settlement (ancient city)

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Ayakkamyr is an ancient city (settlement), it is an ancient structure, from which low walls have been preserved, the city dates from the IX-Xi century. The city is located next to the Ayakkamyr Mausoleum, which is a local architectural landmark. Both of these objects represent the history of the Ulytau region and are located in the most beautiful place of Ulytau.

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The settlement of Ayakkamyr is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region on the left side of the river Zhezdy, 7 kilometers from the village of Zhezdy and 350 meters from the mausoleum of Ayakkamyr. GPS coordinates: N48°06'53" E66°59'38"

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The city of Ayakkamyr has been preserved, or rather its exact location and low walls have been preserved. The entire territory of the city is a low hillock of 60x60 meters and up to 1 meter high, the structure is oriented to the cardinal directions. There is a moat around the settlement on three sides, and during the study, towers were allegedly found on four sides around the perimeter of the city. This object and the mausoleum located nearby are included in the list of cultural and historical heritage of Kazakhstan and are under state protection.

The ancient city of Ayakkamyr in the Ulytau region


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