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Zhuban Mausoleum

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The mausoleum of Zhuban is a sacred sacred place and an architectural monument of Atyrau region dated from the XIX to the beginning of the XX centuries. The mausoleum is popular among pilgrims and connoisseurs of ancient architecture, as well as this object is the main architectural attraction on a trip to the Zhalyoy district. The mausoleum building is a square structure topped with a beautiful dome, the mausoleum is surrounded by a beautiful Kazakh steppe.

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The mausoleum of Zhuban is located in the Zhalyosky district of Atyrau region in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N47°24'08.72" E54°47'33.84"

Information -

Zhuban mausoleum was built in 1898, since 1982 it has been included in the list of cultural monuments of republican national significance and taken under the protection of the state of Kazakhstan. The shape of the building is square, the area is 6x5. 8 m, the height is 9.5 m. The material from which the building is built is shell rock, which was mined in the nearby mountainous area. The mausoleum building is crowned by a beautiful dome in the shape of a helmet and is mounted on a high ramp. Inside and outside the mausoleum building is decorated with national ornaments of the Kazakh people. There is an altar inside. The monument was reconstructed and restored in 1984.

Mausoleum of Zhuban in Atyrau region

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