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Ospan Mausoleum

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Ospana is a mausoleum, an architectural monument of the XX century, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the steppes of Ulytau. Initially, the building of the mausoleum was badly destroyed, now the mausoleum has been completely restored and looks very beautiful. The restoration was carried out in 2021, modern building materials were used during the restoration. The building is a rectangular structure built of red brick, there are three domes on the building, inside there is an altar part and a burial.

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The mausoleum of Ospan is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region of the Kyrgyzstau mountains, on the right bank of the Kara-Kengir River in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 49°16'47"N 66°44'26"E

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The mausoleum of Ospan was badly destroyed, now the building has been completely restored, the length of the mausoleum is 15 meters, the height is 8 meters. This mausoleum is one of the largest in the land of Ulytau region. Inside the mausoleum there are two rooms, inside the mausoleum is decorated with Kazakh national ornaments. The restoration of the mausoleum was carried out by the municipal state institution “Karaganda Regional Center for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage". The architectural monument is a monument of local significance.

Mausoleum of Ospan in Ulytau district


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