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Sarlytam Settlement

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Sarlytam is an ancient city, a settlement, a fortress, a fortification, dated from about the XI – XII centuries and represents the remains of an ancient structure, from which part of the walls, low hills, where presumably there were various kinds of buildings, have been preserved. Sarlytam mausoleum is located next to the settlement, it is located a little further away, it is clearly visible from the settlement and can be reached on foot. Remnants of ceramics are found everywhere in the settlement, fragments of which can be found almost everywhere here.

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Sarlytam city is located 30 kilometers from the village of Zhanadarya, 72 kilometers from the village of Akkyr in the Syrdarya district of Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates 44°25'59N 64°49'08E

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The city of Sarlytam is a structure with a diameter of 250 meters, in the center there is a citadel with an area of 70x70 meters, flanked by towers. The walls surrounding the citadel are quite high, even now they exceed several meters. There were other structures inside the city such as pottery kilns, brick kilns, residential buildings, and fields around the city that were cultivated by local residents in ancient times. Many ceramics have been found on the hills within the settlement, fragments of which are strewn over almost the entire territory, both small and rather large details are found. During excavations, large jugs were found here.

Sarlytam settlement in Kyzylorda region


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