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Kozhamberdy Batyr Mausoleum

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Kozhamberdy mausoleum, an architectural monument dated to the XVI century, is a rectangular structure with two domes on the roof. The mausoleum has been completely reconstructed in our time, from modern building materials, the foundation from the previous building of the mausoleum has been preserved, this foundation is still in several places, the foundation material was burnt yellow brick.

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Kozhamberdy Mausoleum is located in Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan.


Batyr Kozhamberdy was a famous Kazakh batyr who defended the Kazakh land from all kinds of conquerors. In ancient times, he was the commander of Aknazar Khan, commanded troops and personally participated in battles. Kozhamberdy and his army defended cities such as Turkestan, Sauran, Sygynak from foreign invaders. In Zhanakorgan district, a monument to Kozhamberdy batyr was erected, sitting astride a horse, wearing a helmet with a shield in his left hand and a saber in his right hand.

Kozhamberdy Mausoleum in Kyzylorda region


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