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Burabay Nature Park, nature reserve

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Burabay National Park is a natural reserve located in the Burabai district. The park is under the direct jurisdiction of the President of Kazakhstan. In the protected area of the national park, economic activities and social events are prohibited due to the fact that the rules of the reserve apply in the park. In 1920, Burabay was nationalized and declared a resort town of national importance. In 1935, the “Burabay National Nature Reserve” was organized.

How to get there, visit -

Burabay Nature Park is located in Burabai district, Akmola region, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 53°05'00"N 70°18'00"E

Climate -

The climate of Burabay demonstrates the climatic characteristics of a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. This climate is characterized by large seasonal temperature differences. The average temperature in the park is -16 ° C in January and +19 ° C in July. The average amount of precipitation is about 300 mm per year. From November to April, the snow cover covers the area with a layer of snow about 25-35 cm thick.

Flora and fauna -

There are 757 plant species in Burabay Park, 119 of which are protected, and 12 are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The forest consists of 65% pine, 31% birch, 3% aspen, and the remaining 1% consists of various kinds of shrubs. In the park you can find many types of edible mushrooms. The fauna is very numerous because of the diversity of flora. The Park is home to 305 species of animals, which is 36% of the diversity of the fauna of Kazakhstan. 40% of these animals live on the border of their habitat, and 13 species are listed in the Red Book.

Nature -

The wildlife of Burabay is much richer than in the surrounding steppes. Here, steppes, mountains and forests are concentrated in one place at once. In the park there are some European plant species, as well as Siberian, southern and northern species. The forests of Burabay are inhabited by roe deer, deer, wild boars, squirrels, kaki, coyotes, martens and various types of deer. Wolves and lynxes can be found among the predators. In the steppes and woodlands, you can meet forest badgers, as well as foxes, ferrets, as well as European and mountain hares.Among the birds that can be seen in the park, it is possible to list such birds as the common golden eagle, wild duck, gray duck, shiloh tail, whistling goose, etc. The number of ducks increases significantly in autumn and during migration periods. Grey partridge and grouse can be found in dry stony pine forests and among forests, in birch groves.

Legend -

There are many legends describing the origin of Burabay Park. One legend tells that the Creator left only arid steppes to the nomads of Kazakhstan. Feeling offended, the Kazakh people began to pray to God, God heard their prayers and gave the people mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. This is how Burabai Park was born, and to this day it is called the "pearl of Kazakhstan". Another legend says that there was a famous Garden of Eden in the Burabai Park in Kazakhstan, the first people of the earth Adam and Eve appeared here.

Burabay Nature Park and Reserve, Pearl of Kazakhstan, Borovoe


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    Наталья Ивановна — 5 September 2023 20:18
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