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Bairkum Settlement

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Bairkumskoye is a settlement (also known as Bairkum), an ancient city dated to the I century BC - VIII century AD. At the moment, a high hill has been preserved on the site of the city, to which a country road leads, there is no sign on the settlement, so it can simply be mistaken for a high hill. The height of the main structure was quite impressive, even now the height of the hill is 5-6 meters, in the center of which there is a citadel whose height was presumably 9 meters.

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The settlement of Bairkum is located near the village of Bairkum, the tract of Bairkum-Togai, Sharadarinsky district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS 42°04′53″N 68°08′27″E

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The settlement of Bairkumskoye was first explored back in 1900, by an expedition from the Soviet Union led by O. A. Rudnev. In 1948-1949, the South Kazakhstan archaeological expedition led by A. N.Bernshtam continued excavations and research of the city. The location of the city looks like a rectangular high square. The territory of the city is 300 m from northeast to southwest, 400 m from northwest to southeast, the city is surrounded by a mound of soil about 3 meters high. In the center of the southeastern wall, the remains of 5 rectangular towers have been preserved. Outside, the city is surrounded by a moat 2 m deep and 20 m wide. In the center of the square is the citadel, which is a rectangular hill with a height of 9 m. The territory of its base is 80 m from northwest to southeast, on the outskirts of the citadel there is a remnant of 8 towers, surrounded by a mound of earth 1 meter high and a moat about 10 m wide. On its northwestern and eastern sides, the place of the reservoir is clearly visible. The collected archaeological information, judging by the materials found during excavations, the city existed between the 1st century BC and the 8th century AD.

Bairkum settlement in Turkestan region


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