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Koshkar-Ata Mausoleum (Turbat)

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Koshkar Ata is a mausoleum of the XIII century, in the village of Turbat, an architectural monument, a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. The mausoleum is a medieval red brick structure topped with a pointed dome and is part of the architectural and religious complex "Ismail Ata". The mausoleum and the building next to it have been completely renovated. The second building also belongs to the mausoleum, is topped with two round domes and is also built of red brick.

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The mausoleum of Klshkar Ata is located in the village of Turbat, Kazygurt district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 41°45'31"N 69°35'27"E

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The mausoleum of Koshkar Ata was erected in honor of the Sufi whose name is Koshkar Ata, he was a respected man, a healer, preached Islam. The mausoleum, the second most important in the sacred Turbat complex, which has preserved the principal examples of Islamic architecture, is a place of honoring saints associated with totemic representations. At the same time, in the legends that have appeared, the signs of the totemic defender of pastoralists go to Izmail Ata himself, a representative of the Hanafi branch in South Kazakhstan hagiology, a follower of the prominent figure of the Sufi teachings of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi. The mausoleum of Koshkar Ata, an architectural monument of national importance, was taken under state protection in 1982.

Koshkar-Ata Mausoleum in the village of Turbat, Turkestan region


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