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The Bayte Sanctuary

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Bayte-sanctuaries, consists of the sanctuaries of Bayte No. 1, Bayte No. 2, Bayte No. 3, is a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage on Mangyshlak. The Bayte Sanctuary is a kind of sacred place revered by our ancient ancestors, there are 50 vertical steles, sculptures, pillars, and rounded human statues that symbolize warriors with weapons. The pose in which the sculptures of warriors are depicted looks like this: the left arm is bent at the elbow, positioned horizontally and is at the level of the abdomen, the right arm is lowered directly along the thigh and pressed against it.

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The Bayte Sanctuary is located 7 kilometers from railway junction No. 6, Ustyurt Plateau, Bayte water wells area, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Bayte sanctuary appeared on the Ustyurt plateau since ancient nomadic tribes lived on the plateau in ancient times, nomads were distributed throughout the plateau and they had their own sacred sacred places, traces of 60 Neolithic sites were found here during the study of the territory. The shrine of Bayte was discovered in 1983 during a special expedition led by Lev Galkin, stone statues of male warriors in the amount of 70 pieces were found here, looking with their stone faces to the west. The sanctuary of Bayte No. 1 is notable for the fact that a mound over 4 meters high and two small mounds nearby were discovered here, the sanctuary was located on a hill from where the sanctuary of Bayte No. 2 and the sanctuary of Bayte No. 3 were visible. Researchers have discovered two stone sacrificial tables at the Baite Sanctuary No. 3. All the sanctuaries were looted in ancient times, some of the statues were broken and just lay on the ground in a chaotic manner.

The Bayte Sanctuary in the Mangystau region


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