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Otpantau Сomplex at Otpantau mount

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Otpantau is a historical and cultural complex, mausoleum, opened on October 25, 2007. The complex was initiated by S. Adai in 2004. The most important of the historical and cultural complexes here is the Aksaray complex, which was the home of our grandfather Adai. This place is dedicated to grandfather's 8 grandchildren and consists of eight rooms. Gatherings are organized in those rooms where adults gather and discuss important matters. In the same way, you can visit a museum that has become a living witness to history. The central hall of the museum presents historical data reflecting the stages of the country's development, important things inspired by national motifs, Kazakh khans and their genealogy, symbols personifying heroes and sovereignty, as well as documentary scenes about our president.

The exhibition hall of the Otpantau crafts complex informs about the latest stages of development of the crafts of the Kazakh people and their modernity. It also contains information about the authors of architectural monuments built earlier in Mangistau and still existing. Similarly, such exhibition halls as “Mangistau and Seven People”, “Mangistau and Mangistauliks”, “Islam in the Country” serve the public. These halls contain information on the archaeological study of the region and the tribes that inhabited Mangistau from the Stone Age to the present day, information about culture and literature. You can also see information about religious monuments found in Mangistau, about the spread of religion in this region, maps of underground mosques, artifacts and biographies of religious figures.

Monument "Mother's Face"

Ana, Adayata’s life partner, looks like a collective image of all women. If he has the image of the moon on his face, he has the image of the sun in his heart. The meaning of this image is that her face is bright like the moon and her heart burns like the sun. And right on the chest you will see an image of a flying double-headed eagle. This is a sign of the birth of two children from the mother's womb. This monument was built near the white palace of Adai Ata. The height reaches 15 meters.

362 Steps

362 steps in Mangistau, considered sacred, connect the Aksaray mausoleum and Adai ata. The reason for its construction is the idea that Otpan will come to Mount Otpan, dedicate the Quran to the people here, and pray and pray for those who climb the stairs on the ground.

Adai Ata Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of Adai Ata was built on Mount Otpan, which is considered the highest point of the Karatau mountain range. The height of the mausoleum reaches 37 meters, if you count to the tip of the spear in the dome. The top of the dome, made in neighboring Russia, is gilded. On both sides of this mausoleum there are two monuments dedicated to God and Kelimberdi. The Adai symbol stands out here. This is a symbol called "Arrow, the tips of which are joined together. It means three: Courage, Country, Unity.

Monument to Kokbor

Another wonderful monument on Mount Okpan is “Kokboru”. This is a special symbol of the Turkish people. This animal is distinguished by its indomitable courage, ability to protect what belongs to it, and also by the fact that it never leaves its territory. Our ancestors often said that such qualities of Kokbori should be found in the next generation and set an example for them.

Fire on Mount Otpan

In the old days, when the country was attacked by enemies, Otpan lit a fire on the top of Mount Otpan. They say that the inhabitants of Adai, who saw him, united and defeated the enemy. The burning fire on the top of the mountain was visible even from Ustyur. Today Amal Day is celebrated and bonfires are lit in this area. Another interesting fact: at the top of the mountain there was a fortress, which was guarded by soldiers day and night. There was even a place where they kept special dried wood for making fire.

Mount Otpan

Mount Otpan is a place of historical significance. Here, many disputes in which the fate of the country was decided were stopped, and important historical decisions were made. When the warriors set off on a new campaign through this place, the old men and their families who remained here wished them a victorious return and gave alms. Now special mausoleums and monuments are being built, conditions are being created for visitors, not forgetting such a sacred place as the top of the mountain, which served as the basis for the formation of the Kazakh people. To this day, local residents gather at the top of the mountain, perform rituals, light bonfires, give alms and read the Koran. The construction of such a monument on the top of Mount Otpan is associated, first of all, with the influence of the residents of Mangistau and the support of such citizens as Sabyr Adai, Svetkali Nurzhan, Ermukhan Medagul, Yrza Ongarbai. The author of the complex is Sabyr Sherkeshbayuly. Construction began in October 2005 and was completed two years later. About five hundred thousand people attended the opening ceremony. The complex is included in the list of sacred objects of Kazakhstan.

Otpantau complex in Mangistau region


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