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Kaindy lake in Kolsai park

Jeep tour to lake Kaindy and Kolsay

Sights in the Kolsai National Park

Lake Kaindy is very popular among the local population and guests from abroad. The most beautiful mountain lake is located in the Kungei-Alatau mountains in a picturesque mountain gorge and a nature reserve. From Lake Kaindy, spruce trees rise directly from the water, this happened after a mudflow came down in this area and flooded the place where a coniferous forest grew, the mudflow came down due to an earthquake that occurred here in 1911.

How to get there

Kaindy Alpine Lake is located in the Almaty region in the Tien Shan mountains in the Kolsai National Nature Reserve at an altitude of 1667 meters above sea level. From the city of Almaty to Lake Kolsai, the distance is 288 kilometers.
GPS coordinates of Lake Kaindy: 42°59′15″N 78°27′50″E

Information for the traveler

Lake Kaindy is not large, the length of the lake is only 400 meters, but it is incredibly beautiful and picturesque. It is especially beautiful on the lake in sunny weather, then the color of the water takes on an incredible color. On the lake you can go diving and sink to the bottom of the lake in special equipment. Trout fish is found in the lake, fishing on the lake is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to go to Lake Kaindy only by a 4x4 car with a high ground clearance, a mountain road leads from the main road to the lake, it is necessary to wade rivers along this road. It is also best to go to Lake Kaindy for two days so as not to rush. It is best to go to the lake with your own equipment to set up a base camp. Lake Kaindy is a part of specially protected natural objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we ask you to keep cleanliness and order on the lake and please take care of nature.

Kaindy lake


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