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Almaty apple city, South capital of Kazakhstan.

Almaty city tour - excursion in Almaty.

Almaty is the largest and greenest city in Kazakhstan. The city is located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau ridge in the south-east of Kazakhstan and has a rather pleasant climate regime.

History of Almaty city.

The history of the city is full of events of great significance, which are closely connected with the history of the Kazakh people, the formation and development of the republic. From 1929 to 1997, Alma-Ata was the last capital and largest city of the Kazakh SSR, then became the first capital and largest metropolis of modern Kazakhstan. In 1993, Alma-Ata was renamed Almaty, which means “apple”, although many native Almaty residents like the previous name of the city more. In 1997, in accordance with the decree of the President "On declaring the capital of the Republic of Astana," Almaty was given the status of a city of republican significance and the southern capital of the republic, the largest financial, scientific, cultural and tourist center of Kazakhstan.

Almaty today is a sunny, friendly, green city with beautiful buildings, numerous parks and fountains, it is the largest metropolis, economically and geographically attracting businessmen, entrepreneurs, as well as tourists from near and far abroad.
A large number of universities, religious buildings, business centers, theaters, libraries, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls and countless modern entertainment complexes (shopping and entertainment complexes, cinemas, nightclubs, parks, restaurants, cafes and much more) are concentrated here.

Information about Almaty city.

Almaty is not by chance called the "garden city". In the spring, when the southern suburbs are immersed in the flowering of apple, apricot, and cherry orchards, the city becomes like a fairy tale. A luxurious green outfit and a majestic panorama of the mountains make Almaty unlike any other city.
At the moment, the population of Almaty is about 1.8 million inhabitants, but taking into account about 2.5 million inhabitants living without a residence permit.

In Almaty, there are problems associated with the overpopulation of the city. The city was originally designed by designers for 400 thousand inhabitants, but the population exceeds the planned already by 5-6 times, since many people like this city and people want to live here. This led to an increase in traffic on the roads. Currently, 500 thousand cars are registered in the city, another 200-250 thousand are daily entering the city from the suburbs. All this leads to traffic jams in the city, especially during rush hours and pollution of the city with exhausts 80% of smog over Almaty, it is a merit of cars.

The city government is fighting this, building interchanges, switching public transport to gas and giving it a separate lane, starting the subway, motivating residents to change to a bicycle and walk, plans to build an LRT, but so far this has not saved the city from either traffic jams or smoke. Although without this event in the city, probably, there would already be a traffic collapse. Most Almaty residents believe that banning a private taxi in the city in one day would solve the problem of Almaty. We hope our city will solve problems with traffic jams, as well as hundreds of developed cities have already solved it.

Residents and guests of the southern capital will always find something to do in their free time and can visit 9 leading state theaters, 28 cinemas, 32 museums, a circus, a zoo, 5 stadiums, 10 water parks, a hippodrome, 500+ restaurants, and the Medeo alpine skating rink 1700 meters above sea level. It has been established more than a hundred world records. Medeo is one of the favorite weekend spots. The ice stadium seats 32,000 spectators. From Medeo you can get to the ski base Shymbulak - another pearl of Almaty, which is located at an altitude of 2,230 meters. There is a 1500-meter cableway, which will take you up to a height of 3163 meters to Talgar Peak. From an altitude of 3000 m begins the ski slope.

Mountains of Almaty city.

The picturesque mountains are the hallmark of Almaty. You can enjoy their view by climbing the cable car from the city center to the highest point of the city of Kok-Tobe (“Blue Mountain”), located at an altitude of 1,130 meters above sea level. From this peak there is an amazing panorama of the mountains and the city. It is especially beautiful at night when the city is illuminated with colored lights.
Everyone who comes to Almaty admires its unique appearance - green streets, magnificent mountains, a variety of fountains, straight wide streets, unique buildings and structures. It is also characteristic that the construction of the city is now conducted not by single objects, but by entire micro-districts and residential complexes. Many of them are vivid examples of the creativity of talented architects, high professional skills of builders.

Welcome to our green and friendly metropolis. Visit our city and the sights of Almaty and you will definitely want to return again.