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Local Lore Museum in Aktau

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The local history museum of Aktau was founded in 1975 during the Soviet Union, the museum is dedicated to archaeology, ethnography, nature and culture. The museum has over 50 thousand exhibits, all of them are distributed among exhibition halls, each hall is dedicated to its own area. In the geology hall, maps are presented that tell about the mineral resources of the region and the paleontology of the Mangyshlak Peninsula and the Mangystau region.

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The local history museum is located in the city of Aktau, microdistrict, building 23 "a", Delta Bank building, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. Phone: +7 (7292) 426 615

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In the paleontology hall of the local history museum in the city of Aktau, samples of the flora and fauna of the region are presented; exhibits are collected here that have no analogues in Kazakhstan. The museum's nature hall is presented with exhibits of the region's avifauna and tells about the flora of the region. In addition, the museum houses paleontological collections of ancient species of flora and fauna. The archeology hall of the museum is presented with samples of the Paleolithic period; here you can see a number of Paleolithic cultures on the territory of Mangyshlak, the earliest samples are 2 million years old. Also in the museum you can see stone sculptures of the Ustyurt plateau from the sanctuaries and sacred places of ancient nomads. In the history hall you can see the socio-economic and political life of Mangyshlak in the 19th century and has historical data about the first fortress, Fort Alexandrovsk, built by Russian settlers.

Local history museum in the city of Akatu, Mangistau region


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