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Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Nur Sultan city

President Center of Culture and Museum in Nur-Sultan city

Began its activities in 2000. The Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established at the initiative of the head of state N. Nazarbayev. The uniqueness of the research and cultural-educational complex of the capital lies in the fact that its structure includes a museum, a library, a concert hall.

The museum has famous archaeological, ethnographic monuments of material and spiritual culture, which reflect the history of the country since ancient times. One of the capital’s information centers is the Library of the Presidential Center of Culture, which has implemented a project to create a UN depository library. Its discovery allowed readers to get free access to the most up-to-date UN information, materials from its General Assemblies, and meetings of the Security Council.

The concert hall of the Presidential Center of Culture has become a true conductor of the Kazakh national musical creativity. The acoustic characteristics of the hall also allow evenings of symphonic music.

The main focus of the exhibition is popular science, revealing the culture and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.