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Korkit Ata memorial in Kyzylodra region Kazakhstan

Korkit Ata composer and creator.

One of the most popular historical and cultural places in the Kyzylorda region is the memorial complex of the legendary composer, akyn and the creator of the kobyz musical instrument - Korkyt ata (V-VI century).

According to legend, Korkyt from childhood could not reconcile with the transience of human life, so he decided to fight against inevitable death. Tormented by his thoughts and driven by the dream of immortality, he left the people, but still everywhere he saw death. Then he hollowed out the shirig from the tree, the first kobyz in the world, pulled strings on it and began to play, pouring out his painful thoughts and feelings in sad melodies. Korkyt put his whole soul into these melodies, and the wonderful sounds of his strings sounded to the whole world. Since then, as the legend goes, the tunes of Korkyt ata and the kobyz created by him went wandering the earth, and his name has remained immortal in the strings of kobyz and in the hearts of people. Korkyt is considered by historians and literary scholars as a unique philosopher in his own way - the death-seeker, a seeker of eternal life not knowing death. However, over the course of his years, he has changed his ideas about the world, gradually tending to the fact that everything in this world is finite. In the end, Korkyt calms down, having come to the conclusion that there is nothing immortal in life, and spends the rest of his life playing kobyz.

The Korkyt ata monument is spread over 8 hectares. There is a museum, a hotel, an open-air amphitheater for two thousand people, as well as a 12-meter-high sculpture of kobyz from granite. Pipes with a wide opening are installed in its upper part, due to which the sound of a musical instrument is carried throughout the complex. According to legend, Korkyt ata wanted exactly this: to put a kobyz on his grave, which sounded quietly with gusts of wind at all times.

This is not only Kazakh history. This is a Turkic legend, a myth linking many peoples inhabiting the vast expanses from Altai to the Caspian. According to the records of the sages of antiquity, the thinker, speaker, musician Korkyt, common to all Turkic peoples, was born and lived in the country of Bayat, in the city of Zhankent in the 7th-9th centuries. Four hundred testaments and aphorisms of Korkyt were printed in Berlin by the German scientist H.F.Dietz. Every four years, the complex hosts a music festival of Turkic-speaking peoples.