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Temirtau city in Karaganda region and province

Temirtau city

Temirtau is a city in Kazakhstan, located in the Karaganda region. Since July 20, 1988, the village of Aktau is listed under the city
Title The name of the city is translated from Kazakh as "Iron Mountain". Another popular name of the city is “Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk”. The city-forming element is the largest metallurgical production in Kazakhstan, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.

Culture of Temirtau

Temirtau is a city of high culture and professional amateur groups and ensembles, known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan.
The center of culture of the city is the City Palace of Culture, which was opened on November 5, 1972. The building was built according to a typical project of Soviet architects.
There are many circles and ensembles for the children of the city at the Palace of Culture.
In 1991, the MJK created the vocal-choreographic ensemble “Inspiration”. In 1998, the choreographic ensemble "Antre" was formed. In 1999, the Gloria choreographic ensemble was formed, which was subsequently awarded the title Exemplary. In 2013, the first Lady Vertigo air-sports balancer studio was opened. The studio is a winner and laureate of competitions and international championships of Kazakhstan.

Industry of Temirtau

The city of Temirtau is a large industrial and industrial center of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The volume of industrial production for 2009 in value terms amounted to 265.0 billion tenge. Of these, 86% is owned by the metallurgical giant ArcelorMittal Temirtau (Karaganda Metallurgical Plant).

Transport of Temirtau

The city of Temirtau has a developed transport infrastructure. The city has several businesses serving about thirty bus routes spanning the entire city. Shuttle taxis are common in the city; ordinary passenger taxis are represented by numerous companies.
We should also mention the Temirtau tram. Temirtau city tram network is one of 3 working networks in Kazakhstan. It was opened in 1959 for easy and cheap delivery of workers to the plant.