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Independence Monument in the city of Karaganda

Independence Monument in the city of Karaganda

A new monument in honor of the Independence of Kazakhstan was opened in the city of Karaganda, in the city center on the main square of the city. The monument is 47 meters high, and its weight is estimated at 16 tons. Outside, Stella is faced with granite, crowned by the Eagle sitting on the Ball of the Sun. The eagle and the sun are considered symbols of independence in Kazakhstan. At the corners of Stella are located Tulparas (Pegasus, a horse with wings), and medallions are also installed there. On the front side of the Stella is the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a quote from the Head of State on the independence of the republic. Some elements of Stella are covered with gold, especially for this purpose they were invited by a master from Russia. Tulpars symbolize the image of spirituality, according to the legend “They connect today with a great past and a great future” The White Road - Ak Zhol runs along the square, which symbolizes the clear and bright path of our state to independence.