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Independence Monument in Karaganda city

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The Independence Monument in the city of Karaganda has a height of 47 meters, the weight of the total monument is 16 tons. Stella is very beautiful, granite, symbolizes the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decorated on four sides of Tulparas (magic winged horses). Stella was erected at the place where the monument to Lenin used to be, which was dismantled in 2010. The construction of the monument was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the monument was opened in 2011.

Independence monument in Karagandahow to get

Stella in Karaganda is located in the central part of the city on the Independence Square of the city. Kazibek-Bi district, Alikhanov Street 18. GPS coordinates of Independence Monument in Karaganda: 49.807055 ° 73.086167 °

Independence monument in Karagandainformation

The first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, came to the opening of the Independence Monument in Karaganda. The material from which the white granite monument is built is a sculpture of the eagle and the Earth at the top of the monument. The eagle is of great importance in the tradition of the Kazakh people, therefore it was chosen a symbol of the monument. The lower part of the monument is decorated with 4 winged horse, which are known from Kazakh mythology as Tulpara or magic horses. The monument, the stele symbolizes the movement up to the light of the world and order.

Independence Monument in Karaganda


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