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Maral Ishan Mosque in Kostanay city

Maral Ishan Mosque

Maral Ishan Mosque, which will celebrate its 125th anniversary this year, gradually deteriorates and collapses in the rain and snow in Kostanay.
For parishioners, the Maral Ishan mosque, built in 1893, was closed 2 years ago. Now believers are visiting new temples, and the ancient mosque is gradually being destroyed.
The history of the construction of this building is also unique. Kostanay Muslims themselves drove their cattle to Troitsk to exchange cattle for bricks, from which they built a temple.

After the revolution, the building was used as a philharmonic and cinema, during the Second World War it contained evacuated people. After the collapse of the USSR, the mosque again opened its doors to believers.
However, along with the construction of a new temple, the old mosque was forgotten. The building was in need of repair, but no money was found in the local goverment, now it is being transferred to the balance of the museum of local history.
According to Naib-Imam Bakhytbek Tazhimbet, 2 years ago a pipe broke in the Maral Ishan mosque, cracks went on the walls, and mistakes were made during the construction of the building itself - it did not have a foundation.

“Now there are two modern mosques in the city, there are enough of them. But the total communal debt of the two churches is more than five million tenge,” the clergyman explained.
However, local residents are unhappy with this attitude to the sights of the city. The building of the Maral Ishan mosque is officially included in the register of historical and architectural monuments of Kostanay.
Most Kostanays believe that the building needs to be put in order, the temple should resume work.
The culture department made it clear that the repair of a unique mosque will cost a round sum. Restoration should be carried out by licensed companies, and the condition of the building is not comforting.