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Taraz city in Jambyl region of Kazakhstan.

Taraz is the center of Zhambyl region. In the 18th century it was called Aulie-Ata. From 1936 to 1937 his name was Mirzoyan. In the years 1937-1997 in the Zhambyl region on January 8, 1997 the historical name was renamed Taraz.

History Taraz city.

In the Middle Ages it was renamed Taraz. The first to come to the city were Sogs from the Ferghana Valley. Since 1997, the historical name has been returned to the city. In 2002, Taraz celebrated its 2000th anniversary. In medieval times, Taraz was one of the cities on the Great Silk Road. It was a particularly prosperous city during Karahan. In the 19th century, Taraz was a fortress of Kokand. Traraz was also part of the Russian Empire in the 1960s. In Soviet times, when the Zhambyl region became the center of independent Kazakhstan, the administrative center of the Zhambyl region, I turned into a prosperous old city.
In Taraz, the mausoleums of Aisha Bibi, Babaja Khatun, Karahan, Tekturmas, Nametbai Mosque and a medieval bathhouse are located. Many local and foreign tourists rush to see these mausoleums.

Nature Taraz city.

A significant territory of the region - Betpak-Dala and Moinkum, is bordered by mountains, only in the south-west, south and southeast (mountains Karatau, Kyrgyzstan and Chu-Zailiysky Alatau). This feature of the relief represents the diversity of the region’s climate. The flora and fauna of natural landscapes is wide and diverse. The region has more than 3,000 plant species. The total area of the hunting ground is 13.9 thousand hectares, where more than 40 species of animals live. The fish farm, covering an area of 27.8 thousand ha, consists of 74 reservoirs, of which 73 are designated for fishing. The region has the largest dams - Tasotkel and Teris-Achibulak.

Production Taraz city.

The Karatau phosphor plant is located in the foothills of the Karatau mountains in Taraz. This plant is one of the most powerful in the world for the extraction of phosphorus. There are three similar plants in the region, one of which is Zhambyl Phosphorus Plant, Khimprom, and New Dzhambul Phosphorus Plant. The city has a metallurgical plant, a car repair plant, an Avtozapchasti plant and others.


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