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Auezov House and Museum in Almaty city.

The literary and memorial house-museum of M. O. Auezov is a museum, founded in 1963 in Alma-Ata in the house where M.O. Auezov lived for the last 10 years (1951-1961).

History Auezov house-museum.

The memorial house-museum of Mukhtar Auezov was opened in 1963. The first director of the museum was the daughter of the writer, L. M. Auezov. Here the epic “The Way of Abai” was completed, work began on a new novel about the present, a number of literary works (plays, essays) and scientific research works were created.

Exposition Auezov house-museum.

Of great interest is the memorial part of the museum, in particular, the study. Along with the personal archive and library of Auezov, the museum has more than 150 thousand exhibits in the form of memorial items, works of art, photographs and others. The museum also contains works by masters of art E. Vuchetich, M. Telzhanov, T. Urmanche, A. Kasteev, S. Mambeev, N. Nurmukhamedov, E. Sidorkin and others, depicting the images of the writer and heroes of his works. The museum, along with the cultural and educational one, carries out a large research work on the collection, study and promotion of Auezov’s work.

Building Auezov house-museum.

In 1949, Mukhtar Auezov received the Stalin Prize, at the expense of which he bought the land from two teachers. In 1951, Mukhtar Auezov built a house on this site. The architect of the building was Georgy Gerasimov. In this building, the writer and his family lived the last years of his life (1951-1961). At the same time, in 1952 Auezov was forced to leave Alma-Ata and his home in order to avoid a possible arrest. He was able to return to the capital of the Kazakh USSR only in 1954 after the death of Stalin.
June 27, 1961 Mukhtar Auezov died. After a while, on August 15, 1961, it was decided to open his museum.
The museum building was rebuilt in 1995-1997 according to the project of architect S. Mataibekov. Reconstruction was associated with the need to expand the museum.

Monument Status Auezov house-museum.

On April 4, 1979, the Decision of the Executive Committee of the Alma-Ata City Council of People’s Deputies No. 139 “On approval of the list of historical and cultural monuments of the city of Alma-Ata” was adopted, in which the building of the house-museum was indicated. The decision provided for the issuance of a security obligation and the development of projects for the restoration of monuments.
January 26, 1982 the building was included in the list of monuments of history and culture of republican significance of the Kazakh SSR.