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Auyezov House-Museum in Almaty

Excursion to the Mukhtar Auyezov Museum in Almaty

Cultural attractions of Almaty

The Auyezov Museum was opened on November 28, 1963, the museum was opened in the house where Mukhtar Auyezov lived for the last 10 years. The museum conducts research work on generalization and promotion of the heritage of the great writer, comprehensive knowledge of the creative life path and social activities, searches in the field of literature. The museum exhibits are located in 11 halls. The life and work of the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbayev is one of the topical themes of the museum exposition, closely intertwined with the name of Auezov, which is the main product of his scientific and literary searches.

Auzov Museum – how to get there

The Auezov Literary and Memorial Museum is located In Almaty city (Tulebayev str., 185).

Mukhtar Auyezov Museum – information

The museum of Auezov presents the first works of Abai, his publications in Kazakh, Russian and other languages of fraternal peoples and collections translated into the languages of the peoples of the world. The section dedicated to the epic "The Way of Abai" contains translations of works in Arabic, English, German, French, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and presents opinions and reflections of figures of world literature and art about the work of the poet-thinker. The section devoted to the pedagogical and scientific activities of M. Auezov, the founder of Abai studies, is of great scientific and cognitive importance in a comprehensive, in-depth study of the great poet's legacy.

Special attention in the section is paid to Auezov's research works, revealing Abai's creative talent (a collection of monographic articles, special chapters of a textbook, etc.). Auezov is depicted as an outstanding teacher, a unique expert in Abai studies, organizer of special courses in Abai studies and seminars on studying the heritage of the great poet. The section devoted to writing the epic "The Way of Abai" features the original photos of Abai with his family, photos of his children and Russian friends deported to the Semipalatinsk region. The section "Auezov and theatrical art" presents Abai's play "Abai" in the drama theater, a composition from the epic novel "The Way of Abai", the feature film "songs of Abai" and scenes on the opera stage.

Auyezov Museum


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