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Aktobe City in Kazakhstan

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Aktobe is a city in Western Kazakhstan, the center of the Aktobe region. Aktobe in translation from Kazakh means White Hill. In 1997, the entire territory of the former Aktobe district came under the jurisdiction of the city administration. The area of the new administrative-territorial entity, which included the city of Aktobe and five neighboring rural districts, amounted to 2,338 km2. The Ilek River and its tributaries flow inside the city, the Aktobe and Sazdinsky reservoirs are located nearby. The city of Aktobe is located in the inner part of the Eurasian continent, far from the oceans, the climate of the city is continental.

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The city of Aktobe is located in the northern part of the Aktobe region, at the mouth of the Urals on the banks of the Ilek River, at the confluence of the Kargaly River, in the central part of the Ural plateau 250-400 m above sea level. GPS coordinates: 50°17'01"N 57°13'47"E

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Aktobe ranks fourth in terms of population among the cities of Kazakhstan, is the largest city in the West Kazakhstan region. Representatives of many nationalities live in Aktobe, the most common nationalities are Kazakhs (76.3%) and Russians (16.89%). The main religious groups are Muslims and Christians. Under Soviet rule, the basis of the city is the Aktobe fortress with an armed detachment of the Russian Empire, the fortress was founded on the left bank of the Ilek River, on the right side at the confluence of the Kargaly River. On March 25, 1891, Aktobe acquired the status of a county town in the Turgay region and was renamed Aktobe. During the Civil War, Aktobe became the center of the revolutionary forces of the Turgai region. In 1919, Soviet power was finally established in the city. Like residents of the entire region, Aktobe residents suffered from the famine of the 1920s and 1930s. During the Great Patriotic War, several military detachments were created in the city, enterprises of the regions occupied by the enemy were evacuated here. Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Aktobe has been the center of the Aktobe region as part of the independent Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently, the city of Aktobe, which has developed chemical, food and light industry, is one of the largest industrial and cultural centers of Kazakhstan.

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