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Bokty Mount in Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Adventure tour to Bokty mount at Boszhira tract.

Mount Bokty is one of the natural monuments of the Mangistau region. This object is included in countless places of interest of the Mangistau State Historical and Cultural Reserve. Translated from Kazakh, the name of Mount Bokty means "pie".
Mount Bokty is one of the attractions that is visited by tourists who are in the conservation area. This natural object fascinates with its unusual beauty. The mountain consists of rocks of different colors that alternate with each other. At the foot of the cliff the lightest, somewhere in the middle there is a sharp transition of the rock layer to dark colors.

Location of Mount Bokty.

Mount Bokty is located in the Mangistau region, in the Karakiy district and is one of the natural monuments protected by the state. The nearby city to this natural site is Zhanaozen. It is located about 90 kilometers from the mountain. The rock is located 20 kilometers from the dirt road leading from the city of Zhanaozen towards the underground mosque Becket Ata.
On the south side of the cliff is the Baysary tract. This is another attraction of the Mangistau region. The tract consists of white chalk ledges located on the slope of the Ustyurt Chink. On the western side of Mount Bokty there is another tract - Azhyrektoy, which in Kazakh means “cracked”.

Mount Bokty at Boszhira tract.

20 kilometers east of Mount Bokty is a popular natural site - Boszhira tract. This natural boundary is a remnant mountain range consisting of limestone and chalk rocks on the western part of the Ustyurt plateau. Boszhira in translation from the Kazakh language means "gray-blue earth." Tourists enjoy great popularity in this part of the Mangistau Nature Reserve of the same name. The path from the Bokty rock to the Boszhira tract lies along a clay country road.

Tourist Information - Bokty Mount.

Mount Bokty stands in the midst of dried litter. Litter is a special type of soil, one of the varieties of solonchak. Sor is characteristic of deserts in the central part of Asia. This layer of land on the north side is bounded by the Golbansche hill.
About 25 kilometers from the mountain are the sands of Tuyesu. They stretched from southeast to northeast for almost 30 kilometers.
The cliff rises at around 8 meters above sea level. The height of the mountain itself is 165 meters. Bokty is a remnant mountain formed at the bottom of the ancient sea. Exogenous factors such as weathering and erosion contributed to the formation of this natural object. A mountain of chalk rocks is composed.
Some tourists compare this natural monument with an inverted boat, others with a pie. The multi-layered south side, which is replete with different shades, became the reason for such a nickname of the mountain.

On the south side, the rock is indented with horizontal layers of different colors. At the foot - white, yellow, red layers. Then there is a noticeable sharp transition to darker shades - gray, brown and green. The base of Mount Bokty is mottled with vertical sections.
The Rock of Bokta stands apart. Traveling along the road towards the tract Boszhira, it is impossible to miss this natural site.
Around the mountain Bokty spread takyr. Takyr, translated from Turkic - "smooth, smooth." This is one of the types of landscape that forms when saline soils dry out. It is characteristic of deserts and semi-deserts. Takir soils can most often be found in the clay deserts of Asia.
The area of some takyrs can be determined by the drainless basin. In these places, trash is usually found - one of the types of solonchak. In the area of Mount Bokty, the area of takyr is tens of square kilometers.
During hot weather, takyrs in this area dry out and form a flat and durable surface that is somewhat similar to asphalt. During rains and snow, the soil around Mount Bokty becomes viscous and sticky. It can be easily bogged down.

Nature and climate Mount Bokty.

The climate in the region of Mount Bokty is sharply continental, with dry and hot summers. Winter is not snowy here, summer rains are rare.
The flora in the mountain area is poorly developed due to the distribution of takyr-like solonetzes here. There are some species of shrub plants characteristic of deserts.
Around Bokta there is no fresh water and weak vegetation. From the animal world here you can meet scorpions, lizards or lonely raving camels.

Mount Bokty-how to get.

Bokty is located on the highway on the way to the Boszhira tract, not far from the Ustyurt National Reserve. The nearest town to the rock is Zhanaozen. You can get to the mountain only by car. Buses do not go to this area.
From Zhanaozen you need to go to the P-117 highway, get to the Senek village on it, from there go along the country road towards Mount Bokty. The whole trip will take about 3 hours.

Bokty mount - GPS coordinats: 43 ° 25′19 ″ N 53 ° 47′57 ″ E

Driving pattern from Zhanaozen to Mount Bokty.

You can also take advantage of excursion services that are offered by different companies. Mostly tourism programs start from the city of Aktau - the center of the Mangistau region.

Bokty mount.