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Aktau port on the Kaspian Sea

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The port of Aktau is a seaport, a republican state enterprise, occupying a very important place in the system of international cargo transportation on the south-eastern coast of the Caspian Sea. Today the port is a participant in the trans-Caspian international transport route, a member of the international association of seaports and harbors. The port is located at the intersection of water and land, railway and air routes of many countries in Asia and Europe. From this harbor in the city of Aktau, ships can go to Astrakhan through the Caspian Sea, from there to the Black Sea through the Volga-Don Canal, and then to the Mediterranean Sea and oceans. Today, Aktau International Sea Trade Port is a modern multi-purpose terminal, providing transportation of goods from east to west, from north to south and back 12 months a year and 24 hours a day. Its location at the intersection of several transport corridors is of strategic importance from the point of view of the state.

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The port of Aktau is located in the city of Aktau on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Mangistau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 43°38′47″N 51°09′50″E

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The history of the port of Aktau dates back to 1963, when the need arose to transport the products of the uranium industry and oil fields of Mangyshlak. Construction of the port began with the construction of the main and secondary breakwaters and four dry cargo berths. In 1969-1986, four oil loading ports and a ferry complex were built. The overwhelming majority of traffic through the port of Aktau was oil transportation - in the early 80s they reached 7 million tons per year, while transportation of dry cargo did not exceed 300 thousand tons per year. After the collapse of the USSR, the seaport of Aktau became an important transport hub connecting the states of the Caspian basin, and acquired strategic importance in the development of the national economic complex of independent Kazakhstan. In 1999, the Aktau seaport was completely reconstructed, and this time became a decisive period in the history of the port.

Two sea routes from the port of Aktau deliver cargo to the northern ports of Iran, and one to Baku. Cargo arriving in Aktau by rail and road is distributed throughout our country, Siberia, and the countries of the East. If Kazakhstan exports raw materials, especially petroleum products, then various equipment and goods are imported into the republic from abroad. Comprehensive measures have been taken to fully equip the port with advanced cargo handling technology, create conditions for the free movement of ships in the port, and connect roads and railways to the shore.

Aktau seaport in Mangistau region


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