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Jarkent city in Panfilov district, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion Zharkent city from Almaty.

Zharkent is a city in Kazakhstan, the center of the Panfilov district of Almaty region. It is located 200 km east of the Saryozek railway station (on the Semey-Alma-Ata line) on the Saryozek-Khorgos highway, 29 km from the Chinese border.

Old names Jarkent:

Until 1942 - Jarkent.
1942-1991 - Panfilov.
since 1991 - Zharkent.

Foundation of the city Zharkent.

Zharkent was known at the end of the X century, through it the Great Silk Road entered the territory of Kazakhstan. The famous researcher of antiquities I.A. Kastanya notes numerous mounds of various forms, and also mentions Christian-Nestorian and Muslim monuments related to the ancient and early medieval history of the Semirechye. Proof of the antiquity of the city of Zharkent is the city fortress wall, traces of which are still preserved. A similar clay defensive wall is characteristic of the medieval and ancient history of Central Asia.

History Zharkent.

From the studies of Chokan Valikhanov, Bilal Nazim, Tugluk Timur, I.A. Castan it follows that the age of Zharkent is not less than the age of Kuldzhi, Almalyk, Talgar and Almaty. Traveler and scientist Chokan Chingisovich Valikhanov in 1856 in his diary made notes about the city of Zharkent and the village of Karaturuk, drew a map. In the Zhetisu encyclopedia, the appearance of the village of Karaturuk is attributed to the VI – VII centuries of our era. It should be emphasized that Ch.Ch. Valikhanov in 1856 called Yarkent a city. In 1881, as a result of the Petersburg Treaty, part of the lands of the western part of the Ili Valley remained with the Russian Empire. In place of the old settlements, General Kuropatkin founded a new village.

Information Zharkent city.

The emergence of the city is associated with the definition of the southern border of Russia and the need to organize a county center. It was difficult to find a better place - a fertile oasis, a trade route to China, known since ancient times, a river originating in the mountains and an excellent climate. The city was one of the fortified points on the Great Silk Road. Great importance was given to the development of this settlement. A brewery was built, as well as a tobacco factory. In this area there were all conditions for growing excellent tobacco leaf. Organized shops were bursting with Chinese and Russian goods, and local artisans provided everything necessary for both travelers and citizens.

Dungan wooden mosque Zharkent.

A particularly interesting building in Zharkent is a wooden mosque built in the 19th century. It is said that a local merchant named Velivay Yuldashev decided to build a mosque without a single nail. However, among the local masters, no one dared to take such a complicated order. An almost desperate merchant learned from the dervish that the master Hun Pit (Hong Peak) lives in Shanghai. Then Yuldashev went to him, and Pete was so interested that he refused several profitable orders and set to work for free. For more than 10 years, the ensemble of this amazing place (architectural monument?) Was built, and indeed, all the work was done without a single nail. After the establishment of Soviet power, this mosque was used both as a warehouse, and as a teahouse, and even as a barracks for border guards. The revival of the temple began only in 1969 and now it is a monument of republican significance.

Museum of Police Zharkent.

In addition to the mosque, the city has an interesting museum dedicated to the police. There is a department that talks about the operation to destroy the chieftain Dutov. Infrequently, tourists find themselves in an abandoned prison, built before the revolution by the Cossacks and is a favorite place for children to play.
There is a museum in the city that ceased to exist with the collapse of the USSR and was restored at the Altynsarin school. It is a small room, but the locals wholeheartedly bring there various relics and consider it respectable to visit this cultural place.

Symbols Zharkent.

The coat of arms of Zharkent was approved on March 19, 1908, together with other emblems of the Semirechensk region. “In a golden shield on the top of the mountain there is a natural-colored maral and a coat of arms of the Semirechensk region.”

Museum Military Glory Zharkent.

"Museum of Military Glory" - was founded on January 25, 2011 in the Almaty region, in the city of Zharkent, on Kasteev St., 12. The museum is based on the order of the akim of Almaty region. Its area is 291.7 square meters / m. The main fund of the museum is associated with the ancient history of the region, objects that determine the historical past. The main task of the museum is: to acquaint people with the past history and real life of the region, to grow and educate in the young generation the love of the motherland and moral values.