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Zaysan city

City tour of Zaysansights

Zaysan is a picturesque and small city in Eastern Kazakhstan, located at the northern foot of the Saur Mountains, the western tip of the Tarbagatai Mountains, in Altai, 35 km southeast of Lake Zaysan. The city was founded in 1868 at the delimitation of the border between Russia and China. The city is located at an altitude of 635 meters above sea level, the terrain around Zaisan is flat in the northwest, but hilly in the southeast, the highest point in the vicinity is at an altitude of 2352 meters above sea level.

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The city of Zaysan is located in the East Kazakhstan region, the center of the Zaysan district. It is located 470 km southeast of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, in the Northwestern foothills of the Sauyrsky ridge, in the forest-steppe zone on the right bank of the Uden River, which flows into Lake Zaisan. GPS coordinates: 47°28'00"N 84°52'00"E


Zaysan is also known from history as the settlement of Dzhemeney, which was located on the caravan route connecting Shaueshek (on Chinese soil) and Semey. Before the October Revolution (1917), there were 2 schools, a library, a medical center, and 2 mosques in the city. Since 1941, it has been the district center. The village of Zaisan was founded in 1868 as a Russian military post, has had the status of a city since 1941.

Zaisan city, East Kazakhstan region


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