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Poperechnoye village (East Kazakhstan region)

Villages of Kazakhstan AltaiExcursion to the village of Poperechnoye

Poperechnoye village, surrounded by the mountains of Kazakhstan Altai. The places here are far from the bustle of the city, the locals are Old Believers, the village is surrounded by hills and forests, here you can have a great time and enjoy the local nature. There is no mobile connection and Internet in the village, so be prepared for the fact that your gadget will not be useful to you unless you take beautiful photos and videos.

How to get there

The village of Poperechnoye is located in the East Kazakhstan region, 28 km northeast of the city of Ridder.
GPS coordinates: 50°24′41″N 83°49′05″E


The village of Poperechnoye is great for getting away from the bustle of the city, here you can pick mushrooms in the forest, plunge into peace and quiet. The local residents of the Old Believers are very friendly and hospitable, having met them, they will definitely invite you to show you how they live and what they do. The village has Novaya and Centralnaya streets, the village is more than 250 years old, there is a river nearby, which is called Poperechka. There are guest houses in the village that will gladly open their doors to you and give you shelter for the night.

Poperechnoye village, Kazakhstan Altai


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