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Bilikol lake in Jambyl region, Kazakhsan.

Excursion to Bilikol lake in Jambyl region.

Lake Bilikol is a fresh lake, the lake is located in the Zhambyl region, in the territories of Talas and Dzhuvalinsky districts. The length of Lake Bilikol is 18 kilometers, the width is 8 kilometers, the lake is quite large and very beautiful. The depth of the lake is only 3 meters, the maximum depth is 5 meters, at which the lake is 450 meters above sea level.

Bilikol lake information for tourist.

Lake Bilikol is surrounded by low mountains, the banks of the lake are silty. The area around the lake is intended for grazing. The Assa River flows into the lake and flows out of it, as the water in the lake is replenished due to rainfall and melting snow. There are fish, catfish, pike perch, common carp, gudgeon, and marinka in the lake. Also here live birds such as geese, waders, herons, gulls, ducks. Muskrat also lives here.


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