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Charyn river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting on Charyn river in Kazakhstan.

Charyn is a river in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. It is located in the Charyn Gorge, in which the Charyn Canyon is located.
The length of the river is 427 kilometers, the catchment area is 7720 km². The Moinak hydroelectric station was built on the river, forming the Bestyubinsk reservoir.

Charyn river information.

Charyn - a large left tributary of the Ili River - begins on the southern slope of the eastern part of the Ketmen ridge under the names Shalkudysu and Kegen. Having passed the vast valley separating Ketmen and the Ushkhasan plateau, Kegen goes to the vast high elevated intermountain plain and forms here vast swamps - "spills." Below the confluence of the large left tributary of the Karkar, Kegen enters a narrow valley - Aktogay Canyon and flows further under the name Charyn. The latter, having passed two canyons Kurtogay and Sarytogay, goes to the Ili Valley, forming a delta. Here the river is called Taskarasu.

How to see Charyn river.

The main tributaries are Karkara (right) and Temirlik (left). The food of the river is mainly snow-ice. Floods and floods in the river last from April to June. Water levels and discharges are very uneven over the seasons of the year - water discharges in May and June are four to five times higher than autumn and winter.
The river is used for irrigation and for rafting, also has hydropower significance.