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Irgiz river in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Irgiz river.

Irgiz is a river in the Turgay basin.

Geographical location Irgiz river.

The river on the territory of Aiteke bi, Irgiz district of Aktobe region. It is 593 km long and has a catchment area of 31,600 km2. It is located in the east of the Aktobe region and borders on Kostanai and Karaganda regions.

Beginning of the Irgiz River.

It begins at the springs on the eastern slope of the Mugalzhar Mountains, flows into the Turgai River and flows into Lake Shalkarteniz.

Hydrology Irgiz River.

It has 136 small rivers.
The main branches: Baksays, Uimola, Karabutak, Shety Kyrgyzstan. In the upper reaches of the valley, the valley extends from 0.4 to 0.6 km, to the mouth by 1.5-1 km and merges with the valley of the Turgai River. The range ranges from 200 m to 2 km, at the mouth there is no obvious. The channel reaches 20-50 m in the upper reaches and 120-160 m in the middle course. 90% of the runoff is formed during spring floods, and in summer it is divided into streams in the lower reaches. The mineral content in the water ranges from 50-100 mg / l during transportation to 2000-3000 mg / l during the ripening period. Long-term average consumption

Irgiz river.


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