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Kurchum river in Kazakhstan.

Rafting Kurchum river.

Kurchum is a river in the Bukhtarma basin.

Geographical location Kurchum river.

It flows through the Kurchum district of the East Kazakhstan region. The length is 213 km, the catchment area is 6140 km2.

Beginning of the Kurchum River.

The river begins at the Sarymsakty and Kurchum ridges and flows into the Bukhtarma dam 10 km west of the village of Kurchum.

Hydrology Kurchum River.

In the upper reaches, the valley is narrow, the gorge is 30-50 wide, in places 80 m, strong currents, plentiful waters. 65% of the water is melting snow and ice, 35% is groundwater. The average annual water consumption in the village of Topterek is 60.8 m3 per second. The river is rich in energy resources.

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