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The Taukum Desert

Journey to the Taukum Desert -

Jeep tour through the sands of Taukum to the Ili River -

Taukum is a desert, a sandy valley that lies between the Ili Mountains and the Ili River. The height at which the desert is located is 550 meters above sea level, which is quite high for the location of deserts. There is a beautiful Ili River in the desert area, so when traveling to the desert, we will definitely visit this river. The desert also borders on the Ili Mountains, which we will also see and visit.

How to get there, visit -

The Taukum Desert is located in the Zhambyl district of Almaty region, the Ili River area, the Chu-Ili Mountains area.
GPS coordinates: 44°59'N 75°01'E

Information -

The Taukum sands cover an area of 8,300 km2, the length of the desert is 200 km, the width is 60 km. The Taukum desert consists of several small Sands: Moyinkum, Sarytaukum, Kurgankum. The desert is dominated by sand dunes, on which saxaul grows, small shrubs, wormwood grass, fresh ground water is found at a depth of 60 meters. In the central, western part, the desert borders with the Buiratkum sands, located north of the village of Kangshengel, stretching from southeast to northwest for 40 kilometers. To the northwest of the Bayratkum sands are the Korgankum sands stretching from northwest to southeast for 57 kilometers. Summer in the desert is long and sultry. The average temperature in July and August is 24 - 26 ° C. Sometimes the temperature above the sand surface reaches 40 ° C. Precipitation occurs in April, late September, October, in the summer months precipitation is extremely rare.

Taukum desert in Almaty region


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