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Fourth panorama of Bozzhira No. 4

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The fourth panorama of Bozzhira is one of the viewing platforms in the gorge, the Bozzhira tract. The distance from the third to the fourth panorama points is 9 kilometers. From this panoramic point, a beautiful view of the tract opens, from here you can see the Yurt Mountain, the cretaceous remains of Azu-Tisteri, the Zhogarly-Bozzhira plateau and Borly-Tau Mountain. Traveling to the Bozzhira tract, we will visit all 7 panoramic points that are located in the same location, but are located at different distances from each other, all points can be reached by car, but there are some that need to be walked.

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The fourth panorama point of Bozzhira is located in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, Karakiyansky district, the distance from Borly-Tau Mountain to the points is 2.7 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N43°25'35" E54°06'27"

Information -

The panoramic points of Bozzhira are the natural attractions of the region, from Aktau it is possible to make a one-day trip to all the panoramic points. It is best to travel here by 4x4 jeeps, as the roads here are dusty and country roads. It is not recommended to travel here when it rains, it is better to wait for the rain to end and when the soil dries up. The most beautiful time of the year in the Bozzhira tract is spring, the beginning of summer, at this time the nature of the region blooms and it becomes very beautiful here, and the weather is not hot. It is very hot in the summer in July and August in the region, it is just as good to travel along the Bozzhira tract in September, at this time it is not as hot here as in summer.

The fourth panorama of Bozzhira on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Kazakhstan


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